RAMCA Committees

Digging and Building in Central Virginia for Over 59 Years

Specification Committee works with local governing authorities to improve contract specifications by incorporating practical, efficient and safe construction requirements into the specifications. The committee also seeks to revise construction requirements that are outdated, unclear or impractical.

Membership Committee carries out plans and projects which increase the active membership of the association and thereby enables it to increase both the quality of the services offered by and through the association.

Safety and Health Committee works to improve the compliance of member firms with OSHA, EPA and other state and government authorities in the areas of safety and health by monitoring regulations and disseminating information to member firms.

Workforce Development works to create a bench or pipeline of future qualified employees seeking careers within the RAMCA member company industries. Provides input to local training programs to shape curriculum, participates in roundtables, mock interviews, career fairs, mentoring and internship programs to develop future leaders.

Underground Damage Prevention Committee works closely with the State Corporation Commission and the One Call Notification Center to ensure that excavators are kept informed of changes to the Underground Damage Prevention Act and its implementation, and participates in all meetings of the Commission’s Underground Damage Prevention Advisory Committee.

Legislative Committee, along with RAMCA’s Executive Director, reviews proposed and new legislation which affects the industry and keeps members advised of such legislation. The committee also oversees RAMCA’s lobbying efforts at the Virginia General Assembly.

Program Committee plans programs for the general membership meetings and secures qualified, interesting speakers on current and pertinent subjects providing information, education and entertainment for the membership.

Social Committee meets regularly to review recent social events and venues, plan upcoming event details, and brainstorm new and different social outings appealing to the large variety of RAMCA member companies.

Long Range Planning Committee addresses the long range needs and direction of the association, and consist of the officers of the association, the Immediate Past President and one member at-large appointed by the President.

Golf Committee meets twice yearly to plan the Spring and Fall Golf Outings. This committee reviews new contests, potential new venues, tournament rules, prizes, and reviews recent tournament results and feedback.